Signs that Show Mistreatment to Your Loved Ones in Nursing Homes
You won’t like the idea that your loved ones living in nursing home are facing mistreatment. You preferred the nursing home to avoid your loved one being on their own and to find them love and attention, but they are facing neglect, abuse and mistreatment. Such people may not defend themselves or even speak up about the mistreatment at all. They won’t find comfort and joy at all as long as this will continue. This abuse isn’t something you should just ignore, as it can lead to worse things. Should you notice any indications of such mistreatment, it’s time you do what’s right and save your loved ones. There are several types of abuse in nursing homes, including confinement, physical, healthcare fraud, emotional abuse, and abandonment and neglect. Read more here to learn about the warnings of such abuse.
Physical and emotional changes are often the major signs that are noticeable. You should check how your loved ones are, how they look and act. Should you find that your loved ones don’t participate in the things the use to like more, becoming unusually less social, it’s time you pay more attention. If they are agitated, fearful, frustrated, moody, have less appetite and have lost weight, they are probably facing emotional abuse. Physical abuse or neglect can be shown by skin tears or unexplained bruises in various parts of the body.
Loved ones who are neglected in the nursing home will be dehydrated. If they are being mistreated, they may be denied food and drinks and thus they will be malnourished and dehydrated. If the nursing home has few staff members, it’s possible that your loved ones don’t find the special care they were promised. You should observe how the place is and check if the staff coordinate. Check whether the staff mingle with the residence and even things that will show you their attitudes towards the residents. Ensure also that you learn more on how the flow of important information happens in the nursing home. You will know more if the place is run well or not by following up many things.
If the staff in the nursing home don’t want to answer your questions or keep deflecting, you will know that there is a problem. They should have nothing to hide and be free to discuss the care of your loved ones with you. It will raise a red flag if your discover more that the staff are trying to hide information about your loved ones. Often, loved ones will point out how they don’t want a member of the staff and that’s probably because of abuse. Discover more in this page about warnings and help your loved ones.